cryptolaemus beetleBeneficial Insects:
Big Results. Minimal Impact.

When it comes to controlling insects and other agricultural pests, there’s nothing more natural than using natural enemies to do the job for you. Using beneficial insects, mites, and snails as part of your Integrated Pest Management Program helps control infestations while lowering the use of pesticides and preserving the environment. Beneficial organisms are especially advantageous in  closed environments like nurseries and greenhouses or within interiorscapes, where the use of pesticides is especially undesirable.   

Unmatched Experience in Sustainable Pest Management
Associates Insectary is the oldest commerical insectary in the United States and a pioneer in Sustainable Pest Management, operating with the same sustainable farming principles for more than 80 years.

A grower-owned cooperative founded in 1928, Associates Insectary provides complete Integrated Pest Management Services to California's Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, where the use of beneficial predators like Cryptolaemus montrouzieri, Anagyrus pseudococciAphytis melinus, Neoseiulus californicus, and Rumina decollata has helped to greatly reduce the amount of pesticides needed to produce high quality crops in our area.

Over two million beneficial organisms are produced at our Santa Paula facility each day, and while most of the beneficials that we produce are used by our Grower-Members, significant quantities are regularly shipped to locations throughout the United States and internationally. We are the only producer of Mealybug Destroyer beetles in the United States – other companies ship theirs in from outside the U.S.

  • Primary Suppliers of Mealybug Destroyer Beetles for customers from Costa Rica to Canada
  • Experienced in shipping large numbers of healthy beneficials
  • Volume discounts
  • Custom pest control programs for local Ventura and Santa Barbara county growers