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Associates Insectary is a grower-owned pest control cooperative which has always operated for the benefit of its grower-members.  The Members of Associates Insectary are local citrus and avocado growers who are focused on producing premium quality fruit which brings them top dollar returns after harvest.  Typically, our grower-members expect to collaborate closely with our staff to coordinate the optimal timing of all pest control activities such as beneficial releases or spray applications.  Our staff recognizes the value of working with members who are fully engaged in their farming operations and their desire to continually produce top quality crops.

Our pest control programs for Members are based upon the understanding and appreciation of the importance of Integrated Pest Management in maintaining the economic viability of our Members’ groves.  The membership of Associates Insectary has supported its operation for almost 90 years on the basis of its unbiased pest control advice combined with mass-releases of predators and parasites in its Members’ groves.  The wisdom of that approach has been proven many times since 1928 and will continue to be Associates Insectary’s core function for the foreseeable future.

For information on becoming a member with Associates Insectary, please contact our office at 805-933-1301 or email us at

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