Beneficial Releases


Beneficial Organisms
The production of beneficials at Associates Insectary is a continuous process, producing up to two million insects and mites each and every day. These beneficials are liberated regularly on over 10,000 acres of orchards owned by our grower-members. All member-growers receive regular beneficial insect releases in their groves several times a years with a minimum of once per quarter.

Citrus Growers receive:

  • Aphytis melinus Red Scale Parasites
  • Cryptolaemus Mealybug Destroyer Beetles

Avocado Growers receive:

  • N. californicus Predatory Mites

For more information on Insectary beneficial release services contact the office.

ACP Treatment Applications

To stop the spread of the Asian Citrus Psyllid, the State of California is now mandating that commercial citrus growers spray for these pests four to five times per year. Associates Insectary offers quality sprays, backed by our reliability and experience. Once your orchard is sprayed, we can re-release the “good bugs” to  re-establish balance.

We also offer crop inspections for ACP, which is especially important for organic growers. Associates Insectary offers an organic spray option for these growers.

Liberation of Californicus mites on avocado trees
Beneficial Organism Release